This growth of your population is going to kill you…

This growth of your population is going to kill you...


This growth of your population is going to kill you...

Just make a single statement against those who are benefited by reducing the whole humanity to slaves, and all the powerful ones are going to be against you. And the masses are blind, the masses are not intelligent, the masses are poor; they are not going to listen to me — because what can I give them? I can give to them understanding, but they cannot eat understanding, they cannot live by understanding. And their own conditioning is all that they have been taught — that it is wisdom.

So it is not only the powerful ones; those who are being exploited, whose power has been taken away by the powerful ones — otherwise from where will they get the power? — they are also going to follow them. The powerful ones are the shepherds, and they have reduced the whole humanity to a crowd of sheep.

It is almost unbelievable that those who could have raised humanity and its consciousness to such beauty, wisdom and joy have never been heard — although they were shouting from the housetops.

Every effort has been made that either they should be forced to remain silent, or they should be crucified. Those who had not the courage — seeing the whole thing — have remained silent; but in remaining silent you are also participating in the suffering the whole humanity is going through.

Only very few people have spoken — and they have been poisoned, crucified, killed, assassinated. You have been killing your friends. You have been killing those who have loved you so much that they were ready to sacrifice their life, but were not ready to remain silent. And you have followed your enemies, who are sucking your blood every moment.

When I spoke for the first time for birth control, for legalization of abortion, I was condemned by everyone. If they had listened to me at that time, today India would have been rich, because when I started telling people, “This growth of your population is going to kill you, to destroy you,” there were only four hundred million people in India. After thirty years there are nine hundred million people; five hundred million people could have been prevented, and the country would not be starving.
But still they are not willing to listen to me. They are still listening to the shankaracharyas who are against birth control, they are listening to Mother Teresas who are against birth control. THEY are your enemies. But it seems you are so blind you cannot see a simple fact.