To be rebellious means to be transformed totally…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

To be rebellious means to be transformed totally.....

A revolution is a planning. A revolution thinks of the future; a rebellion is herenow.

Revolution is utopian — a dream, somewhere in the future, the golden age, the utopia, the paradise. Rebellion is to live it here and now.

To be rebellious means to be transformed totally.

In revolution, and in the ideology of revolution, you try to change the others, you try to change the scene. In rebellion, you change yourself and the scene changes by itself, of its own accord, because your vision is different.

You have different eyes to look with.

Rebellion is spontaneous. It has nothing to do with any ideology. Rebellion is non-ideological. Rebellion is like love; you don't think about it; you cannot think about it.

Either you live it or you don't live it; either it is there or it is not there. Rebellion is a happening.

If you are ready, you start living a totally different life: the life of authenticity, the life of innerness, the life of God, or whatsoever you would like to call it.