To be revolutionary, one needs to be beyond the ego…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

To be revolutionary, one needs to be beyond the ego.....

To be revolutionary, one needs to be beyond the ego. And it is not that you can do it once and forever, you have to do it every moment again and again, because the ego goes on closing in on you, it goes on caving in on you.

Each moment that you pass through, whatsoever you have lived, whatsoever you have experienced, becomes your ego. You have to discard it.

Renunciation is not once and for all. You have to renounce every moment; whatsoever is gathered you have to renounce.

Only then renunciation remains a revolution. And not only do you have to renounce ordinary things of the world, you have to renounce ordinary ideologies also — Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan. You have to renounce thoughts so that you can remain in a pure mirrorlike reflection.

Then your consciousness can remain undisturbed, uncoloured by any thought, you can see into things directly and your consciousness is not distracted or distorted by any prejudice.

Once a tradition settles, once a religion is no longer revolutionary, you start interpreting it in your own ways. Then you don't bother what Buddha meant, then you start reading your own thoughts into Buddha's assertions.

Then you don't bother what Krishna says, you go on reading into the Gita whatsoever you want to read. Then perversion settles. That's why I insist again and again: if you can find a living Master, be with him — because you cannot distort a living Master.

You will try! But you cannot distort him because a living Master can stop you from distorting his message. But a dead book, a scripture — Holy Bible, Holy Koran, Holy Gita — what can they do? They may be holy but they are completely dead; you can do whatsoever you want to do with them. And man is very cunning and very clever.