Total change certainly is the goal, but don’t try to have it in a single step.Go in a more human way, changing small parts. OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Total change certainly is the goal, but don't try to have it in a single step.Go in a more human way, changing small parts.



The first thing to remember is, never ask for the impossible.

Begin slowly, bit by bit, step by step.


Just by walking step by step, you can cover ten thousand miles easily. But if you start thinking from the very beginning that "I want to cross ten thousand miles" your legs may start wavering, your heart may start feeling tremendously afraid.


Your mind will say, "You are asking too much; it is unreasonable. You are a small human being. Ten thousand miles… just walking one step each time — because nobody can walk two steps at one time. Ten thousand miles looks too big."

Make small goals.


You are asking for total change. You don't see the impossibility of it at this point. At some other point it will not be impossible, but at this point it will be impossible to ask for a total change, because there will be so many implications in it.


Why not go a little slowly? Why not take one part of your being and clean it? Put your total energy into cleaning one part of your being, then move to the second part. And of course, finally you will be able to have a total change.


But mind is very cunning: whatever it wants to avoid, from the very beginning it creates such a situation — it asks for the impossible. So you remain where you are, more frustrated, more in despair because the total change is not happening.


The mind has given you a goal and deceived you.

Total change certainly is the goal, but don't try to have it in a single step.

Go in a more human way, changing small parts.


Just go slowly… part by part… and trust. Total change will also happen, but don't ask too much from the very beginning.


Always be alert that mind is cunning and gives you impossible goals, so you go on running after them.

Nothing is impossible if you go slowly, if you make many stopovers and you are not in a hurry. Whether the total change happens or not is not important.


Even small changes in life are precious, because the total change will be simply the accumulated effect of all the small changes. Total change is not one whole; it is simply the effect of all the small changes, the accumulated revolution that happens in you.


So always remain human.


The past of man has been concentrated on giving you goals which are impossible. That is just to make you humiliated, because you cannot fulfill them — you feel too tiny, too small, too fragile, with so many weaknesses.


I don't want you to think about impossible things. I want you to go very slowly, changing small parts of your life — which is not difficult.


One day, you will suddenly find that total change has happened.