TOUCH YOUR EYES LIGHTLY…………………. Meditation from Osho…

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

TOUCH YOUR EYES LIGHTLY...................... Meditation from Osho...


Use both your palms, put them on your eyes, and allow the palms to touch the eyeballs ? but just like a feather, with no pressure. If you press you miss the point, you miss the whole technique. Don’t press; just touch like a feather. You will have to adjust, because in the beginning you will be pressing. Put less and less pressure until you are just touching with no pressure at all ? just your palms touch the eyeballs.

Why? Because a needle can do something which a sword cannot do. If you press, the quality has changed ? you are aggressive. And the energy that is flowing through the eyes is very subtle: a small pressure and it starts fighting and a resistance is created. If you press, then the energy that is flowing through the eyes will start a resistance, a fight; a struggle will ensue. So don’t press; even a slight pressure is enough for the eye-energy to judge.

It is very subtle, it is very delicate. Don’t press ? like a feather, just your palm is touching, as if not touching. Touching as if not touching, no pressure; just a touch, a slight feeling that the palm is touching the eyeball, that’s all.

What will happen? When you simply touch without any pressure, the energy starts moving within. If you press, it starts fighting with the hand, with the palm, and moves out. Just a touch and the energy starts moving within. The door is closed; simply the door is closed and the energy falls back. The moment energy falls back, you will feel a lightness coming all over your face, your head. This energy moving back makes you light.

Even if you are not entering deep meditation, this will help you physically. Any time in the day, relax on a chair ? or if you don’t have any chair, when just sitting in a train ? close your eyes, feel a relaxed being in the whole of your body, and then put both your palms on your eyes. But don't press ? that’s the very significant thing. Just touch like a feather.

When you touch and don’t press, your thoughts will stop immediately. In a relaxed mind thoughts cannot move; they get frozen. They need frenzy and fever, they need tension to move. They live through tension. When the eyes are silent, relaxed, and the energy is moving backwards, thoughts will stop. You will feel a certain quality of euphoria, and that will deepen daily.


Excerpted from The Book of Secrets