Trust is not possible for a questioning mind….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Trust is not possible for a questioning mind....

Ignorance creates questions, and ignorance creates answers — the same mind creating both parts. How can a questioning mind come to an answer? Deep down, the mind itself is the question.

So philosophy tries to answer questions of the mind, and religion looks at the very base. The mind is the question, and unless mind is dropped the answer will not be revealed to you — mind won't allow it, mind is the barrier, the wall.

When there is no mind you are an experiencing being; when the mind is there you are a verbalizing being.

Many ask where a buddha goes when he dies; the question is the same.

Where is God? — the question is the same.

What is truth? — the question is the same.

But you cannot feel the stupidity hidden in them, because they look very profound, and they have a long tradition — people have always been asking them, and people whom you think very great have been concerned with them: theorizing, finding answers, creating systems… but the whole effort is useless because only experience can give you the answer, not thinking.

And if you go on thinking you will become more and more mad, and the answer will still be far away — farther away than ever.

When the mind stops questioning, the answer happens.

It is because you are so much concerned with questions that the answer cannot enter you.

You are in such trouble, you are so disturbed, so very tense, the reality cannot enter into you — you are shaking so much inside, trembling with fear, with neurosis, with stupid questions and answers, with systems, philosophies, theories; you are so filled up.

People come to me when meditation goes deeper and they have glimpses, they come to me very disturbed because, they say, something is happening, and they cannot believe that it is happening to THEM, that a bliss can happen — there must be some deception. People have said to me, 'Are you hypnotizing? — because something is happening!'

They cannot believe that they can be blissful, somebody must be hypnotizing them. They cannot believe that they can be silent — impossible! 'Why? Why am I silent? Somebody is playing a trick!'

Trust is not possible for a questioning mind.

Questioning is irrelevant in religion.

Trust is relevant.

Trust means moving into the experience, into the unknown, without asking much — going through it to know it.