WATCH: why are you talking ? …………….

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

WATCH: why are you talking ? ................


You talk not to communicate, you talk just to hide —

to hide the fact that you are dumb.

Next time you start talking with someone,

WATCH: why are you talking?

Why are you so verbal?

What is the need?

Suddenly you will become aware that the fear is,

if I remain quiet the other will think I am dumb.

So you talk just to hide this fact —

and you know there is nothing to say, yet you go on talking.

People go on talking and talking and talking and without knowing why they are talking — for what?

What is there to convey?

It is just to hide their dumbness.

People go on moving from here to there, from this town to that;

they go on traveling, and go for holidays to the Himalayas and to Switzerland — why all this traveling, moving?

They want to feel they are alive.

But movement is not life.

Of course life has a very deep movement, but movement is not life.

You can go on moving from one town to another, and you can cover the whole earth, but that movement is not life.

Life is of course a very subtle movement — the movement from one state of consciousness to another.