Welcoming all these gifts of God that go on showering on you…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Welcoming all these gifts of God that go on showering on you...


Bowing down to the earth and saying yes… lying on the earth naked and saying yes to the earth as if the earth is your mother, which it is… swimming in the lake and saying yes to the water, not only saying it, but feeling it all over, each fiber of your being, each cell of your being pulsating with yes… taking a sunbath and saying yes, not verbally, I mean, but existentially… being in the mood of yes… receiving the sun, welcoming the sun and the sand and the texture of the sand, and the coolness of the wind… welcoming all these gifts of God that go on showering on you — and you don't even feel grateful.


Yes is gratitude.


No is ugly, ungratefulness.


But in the beginning,  it is going to be so: your yes will be only instead of no. But it is a good beginning. Slowly slowly, you will come to a yes which is not instead of no but has its own roots in your being. When that yes has happened to you which has no reference to no — not that it is not only instead of no but it has no reference to no, it is not the opposite of no, it has no resounding of no at all; you have forgotten the no, only yes exists, as if there is no opposite word to it — that is the ultimate peak of yes.


In that moment yes becomes prayer, in that moment yes becomes a bridge. The ego disappears, the separation is gone. One feels one with the whole.


You ask me, "Where is the seat of this experience, this yes…?"


The heart is the seat. The seat of no is the head; the seat of yes is the heart. They don't come from the same place, they don't come from the same world. They are utterly different. In the dictionary they belong together, but in existence itself they are utterly different — different planes, different dimensions.