Why do you want somebody to help you? …….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Why do you want somebody to help you? .......

I can understand why people have projected their need for help all over the world.

This is their hope.

They are in misery, that is certain, and they want somebody to help them. Why do you want somebody to help you?

Because you don't want to take the responsibility on yourself. First you say that others have made you miserable, now you say that somebody has to take you out of the misery. What are YOU doing?

You don't create your misery, you can't drop it…do you exist or not?

Responsibility is existence, responsibility gives you being. If you go on throwing responsibility on to someone else — it is the Devil who is creating misery and it is God who becomes Christ, becomes Mohammed, becomes Mahavira, and takes you out of the misery — then what are you doing?

You seem to be just like a football — on one side is the Devil, on one side is God and you are being kicked from this side to that. Enough! You simply say, 'Enough! I am not going to allow myself to be kicked any more.'

Are you a football? Claim responsibility.

I am not here to help you. You may be here to be helped but I am not. I am just enjoying my thing. I am doing my thing. And you will be benefitted more if you drop your idea of help and work and Christ and avataras. You will be helped more if you drop all concepts of help. You simply be with me. Don't bring business into it. Let it be pure play.

IT SEEMS THAT THERE MUST BE A RISK IN YOUR UNDERTAKING. There is nothing, no risk — because it is not an undertaking.

I am not risking anything because there is nothing to risk, there is nothing to lose. All that is, always is. And that which is not, never is. So what is the risk?