Why so much attraction for the breast ? …OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Why so much attraction for the breast ? ...



Food is intimacy, and it is so deeprooted in you that your whole life is affected by it.


Men all over the world, in different societies, different cultures, go on thinking of women's breasts.


In paintings, sculpture, films, novels — whatsoever — the breast remains the central point.


Why so much attraction for the breast?


That has been the first intimacy with the world;


you came to know existence through it.


The breast was the first touch of the world.


For the first time you came near to existence,


for the first time you knew the other — from the breast.


That's why so much attraction for the breast.


You cannot be attracted towards a woman who has no breasts, flat breasts.


It is difficult because you cannot feel the mother there.


So even an ugly woman becomes attractive


if she has beautiful breasts — as if breasts were the point,


the central thing in the being.


And what is the breast?


The breast is food. Sex comes later, food comes first.