You are coming closer and closer to the birth, to the real birth….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You are coming closer and closer to the birth, to the real birth....


You are coming closer and closer to the birth, to the real birth. You will be reborn. But you can be reborn only when death is gone, when ego is gone. With ego, death also disappears, remember — because you have never died. How can you die? You are not born either.


You are God! You are divine energy! You have been here forever, and you will be here forever. Birth and death are only of the body and the mind, and between the body and the mind exists the ego. It is a creation, a conspiracy of body/mind: When the ego disappears your death disappears too. Once the ego is gone, you will be surprised that you are eternal, that you have been here always and always, and you will be here always and always. You are part of the truth which cannot die.


You are coming close to something immensely valuable. But your mind is creating a problem; it is saying to you that it is fear of death. It is not fear of death, it is fear of ego disappearing. Allow it to go.


I say to you: This is how it has happened to me. This is how it is happening to many of my people. This is how it has always happened to all the Buddhas, down the ages: the ego dies — but everybody hesitates before the ego dies. We are so much identified with it that the death of the ego appears as if WE are dying. We are not dying.


It is like when the child is getting ready to be born when nine months in the mother's womb are over. The child must be feeling a great fear — because this was his life. This nine months' womb life, this is the only life he knows. And he is being thrown out of the womb: he must be feeling like he is being expelled from the Garden of Eden. He clings; he does not want to get out of the womb. He is afraid of the unknown.


But nature does not allow him to succeed. He can cling for a few hours and create pain for the mother — because he clings to the womb and the womb is ready to expel the child because he is ready to go into the wider world. He is now mature enough; there is no need for him to be protected in a womb. And what kind of life can one have in a womb? There is no life at all. Twenty-four hours the child is asleep; he is as if in a coma. But still this is the only life he knows, hence the clinging.