You are not deceiving anybody except yourself…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You are not deceiving anybody except yourself.....

Don't throw the responsibility on anybody else. Nobody else is a deciding factor, neither your mother nor your father.

Whatsoever the psychoanalysts say is really irrelevant to your being. It is for you to decide.

Even the people who are mad are mad because of their own decision. Somehow they found it to be convenient. Somehow they decided; they voted for it.

Nobody has forced them. Nobody can force anybody because the innermost quality of being is freedom. It is not something accidental; it is your very nature.

You have been smoking up to now. For thirty years you may have been a chain smoker and you come to me and you ask,'What to do? How to stop?' You are asking a wrong question. In fact, you don't want to stop. G

o deep into your own mind: you don't want to stop; you are playing a game. You don't want to stop but you want to;show people that you want to stop. Or, this very idea that you want to stop gives you a very, very good image about yourself. Then you go on saying,'What can I do? It has become such a long habit; I cannot stop, though I want to stop.' This is simple, sheer foolishness and stupidity.

You are not deceiving anybody except yourself. If you really want to Stop, there is no need to do anything about it. The very decision that you want to stop is enough: the half-smoked cigarette in your hand will drop of its own accord. But you remain free. That does not mean that again tomorrow you cannot take it up.

You remain free; nobody can bind you. Again tomorrow you can take it up. Then please, don't start saying that it is because of old habit:'I tried my best, and I had stopped, and for twenty-four hours I didn't smoke. But because of a thirty-year-old habit, I am again taking it up. The urge is too much.'

Do not try to befool anybody. There is nothing like that; you are again deciding. If you are deciding, then it is okay. You can find a thousand and one ways to decide again. But remember always, it is your decision, yours and nobody else's; and you remain free.

That's why it happens that nothing seems to disappear forever. It comes again and again — because you again invoke it to come, you again call it to come.