You are responsible for whether you are miserable or blissful…. Nobody else can do anything….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You are responsible for whether you are miserable or blissful.... Nobody else can do anything....




The answer is in your question.

You don't want to take responsibility for your own being, somebody else should do it.

And that's the sole cause of misery.


There is no way that anybody else can take away your misery. There is no way that anybody else can make you blissful. But if you become aware that you are responsible for whether you are miserable or blissful…. Nobody else can do anything. Your misery is your doing; your bliss will also be your doing.


But it is hard to accept — misery is my doing?


Everybody feels that others are responsible for his misery. The husband thinks the wife is responsible for his misery, the wife thinks the husband is responsible for her misery, the children think the parents are responsible for their misery, the parents think the children are responsible for their misery. It has become such a complexity. And whenever somebody else is responsible for your misery, you are not aware that by giving the responsibility you are losing your freedom.


Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin.


And because you think others are responsible for your misery…. That's why there are charlatans, so-called saviors, messengers of God, prophets who go on telling you, "You have not to do anything, just follow me. Believe in me and I will save you. I am your shepherd, you are my sheep."


Strange, that not a single person stood up against people like Jesus Christ and said, "This is utterly insulting to say that you are the shepherd and we are sheep, and you are the savior and we are just dependent on your compassion, that our whole religion is just to believe in you." But because we have been throwing the responsibility for our misery on others, we have accepted the corollary that bliss will also come from others.


Naturally, if misery comes from others, then bliss has to come from others. But then what are you doing? You are neither responsible for misery nor are you responsible for bliss — then what is your function? What is your purpose? — just to be a target for a few people to make you miserable and for others to help you and save you and make you blissful ?  Are you just a puppet?


All the strings are in the hands of others. You are not respectful of your humanity; you do not respect yourself. You don't have any love for your own being, for your own freedom.


If you are respectful of your life, you will refuse all the saviors. You will say to all the saviors, "Get lost! Just save yourself, that's enough. It is our life and we have to live it. If we do something wrong, we will suffer the misery; we will accept the consequences of our wrong action without any complaint."


Perhaps that is the way one learns: by falling, one gets up again; by going astray, one comes back again. You commit a mistake. But each mistake makes you more intelligent; you will not commit the same mistake again. If you commit the same mistake again, that means you are not learning. You are not using your intelligence, you are behaving like a robot.


My whole effort is to give back to every human being the self-respect that belongs to him — which he has given to just anybody.


And the whole stupidity starts because you are not ready to accept that, for your misery, you are responsible.

Just think: you cannot find a single misery for which you are not responsible. It may be jealousy, it may be anger, it may be greed — but something in you must be the reason that is creating the misery.


And have you seen anybody in the world ever making anybody else blissful? That too depends on you, on your silence, your love, your peace, your trust. And the miracle happens — nobody does it.


your misery is caused by your mistakes and your bliss is caused by your trust, by your love.

Your bondage is your creation and your freedom is your declaration.

You are asking me, "Why am I miserable?"


You are miserable because you have not accepted the responsibility for it. Just see what your misery is, find out the cause — and you will find the cause within yourself. Remove the cause, and the misery will disappear.

But people don't want to remove the cause, they want to remove the misery. That is impossible, that is absolutely unscientific.


And then you ask me to save you, to help you.


There is no need for you to become a beggar. My people are not to become beggars. My people are not sheep, my people are emperors.


Accept your responsibility for misery, and you will find that just hidden inside you are all the causes of bliss, freedom, joy, enlightenment, immortality.


No savior is needed. And there has never been any savior; all saviors are pseudo. They have been worshipped because you always wanted somebody to save you. They have always appeared because they were always in demand, and wherever there is a demand, there is a supply.


Once you depend on others, you are losing your soul.


You are forgetting that you have a consciousness as universal as anybody else's, that you have a consciousness as great as any Gautam Buddha's — you are just not aware of it, you have not looked for it. And you have not looked because you are looking at others — somebody else to save you, somebody else to help you. So you go on begging without recognizing that this whole kingdom is yours.


This has to be understood as one of the most basic principles of sannyas — a declaration of self-respect and freedom and responsibility.