You must stop thinking about others and what they are thinking about you…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You must stop thinking about others and what they are thinking about you.....


Once it happened that Mulla Nasrudin was walking on a path. It was a lonely path, the sun had set, and darkness was descending. Suddenly he felt afraid because a few people were coming, in a band, and he thought: These must be dacoits, robbers, and there is nobody else here, only myself.


So he jumped over a wall that was just nearby and found himself in a graveyard. A newly dug grave was there so he climbed into it, somehow calmed himself, closed his eyes, and waited for the people to pass so he could go home. But the people had also seen that somebody was there.


Mulla had jumped suddenly, so they also became afraid. What was the matter? Was somebody hiding there, or doing something mischievous? So they all jumped over the wall.


Now, Mulla was certain: I was right, I inferred right, they are dangerous people. Now nothing more can be done; I must pretend that I am dead. So he pretended. He stopped his breathing because you cannot rob or kill a dead man.


But the people had seen the man jump so they became very worried. What was he doing They gathered around, looked in the grave, and they said: What is the idea? What are you doing? Why are you here?


Mulla opened his eyes, looked at them, then became certain that there was no danger. He laughed, and said: Now, here is a problem, a very philosophical problem. You ask me why I am here, and I would like to ask why you are here.


I am here because of you, and you are here because of me!It is a vicious circle: you are afraid of others, others are afraid of you, and your whole life becomes a mess.


Drop out of this nonsense, drop out of this vicious circle, don't be concerned with others. Your life is enough, don't be concerned with others. And I tell you that if you can live unconcerned your life will flower, and then others can share in it. You would like to share, and you can give much to others, but first you must stop thinking about others and what they are thinking about you.This 'about' is very dangerous. Nobody is at ease, nobody is at home. Because of others, everybody is chasing everybody else — and life has become a hell.?