Quotes on Life

Quotes on Life

Life is so complicated that you only become acquainted with a part.

Go on dropping knowledge and always remain learning, learning. Learning is open, knowledge is closed. Don’t carry any conclusions, and life will bring such a benediction. That benediction is divine.

Remember it always. We are missing many things in life just because the mind won’t believe, just because the mind has a certain fixed, obsessive attitude. It only opens itself to certain things and then closes.

To know life is not to know about life. To know life is to live life in intensity, with passion, with totality; that’s the only way to know life. By being more alive one knows life, and by being more alive one becomes more divine.

The root cause of misery is fear: we are too afraid of the unknown. We remain confined in the known, and because we remain confined in the known, life becomes a repetition, a circle; one goes on moving in the same circle again and again and again. Because of this continuous, repetitive, routine life, one feels misery, boredom, futility.

Life is tremendously beautiful, but we never go into the unknown — and life belongs to the unknown. The more you go into the unknown, the further you go into the unknown, the more alive you become because then life has newness, youth. Nothing is ever repeated, hence no boredom is created. Every morning brings something new, unexpected, uninvited. Life remains a thrill, an adventure… but for that one has to be courageous.

Great courage is needed to explore the unknown territories of life, existence, being. The courageous person will explore in both ways: he will explore in the outside, and that exploration becomes science, and he will explore his interiority, and that exploration becomes religion. And both are beautiful.

Life has not to be taken as a problem; it is not. It has to be taken as a gift, a tremendously valuable gift from God. Life has not to be taken as a burden but as a dance. One need not drag oneself. We can dance the whole way, we can laugh the whole way, and we can love the whole way.

Life is meant to be a miracle, but it depends: if we choose misery, life becomes misery. Life is very obliging: if you choose misery it becomes misery, if you choose darkness it becomes darkness. It is so obliging, whatsoever you choose it becomes that for you. If you choose bliss it becomes bliss, if you choose God it becomes God. It depends on you.

People go on choosing wrong things, and then they make life responsible. In fact they are responsible: whatsoever happens, happens because they have willed it so. Knowingly, unknowingly, consciously, unconsciously, they have willed it so. It happens only when somehow, somewhere, in your being, you have willed it.

People live at the minimum, hence they go on missing God. God is found only when you live at the optimum, when the torch of your life is afire, from both ends together. In a total intensity of love, a single moment is enough to know God, because in total intensity a single moment becomes eternity. Otherwise one can go on dragging for lives and lives. And that’s what we have been doing — dragging and dragging. Life seems to be a great load, a burden to be carried somehow. Life should be a dance; it can be a dance, it is meant to be a dance. That’s my message: love life, and with such intensity, with such fire, that you can reach to the optimum of your being. It is there that the meeting with God happens.

My sannyasin has to live life in its totality. Love life, trust life! And life is the only master, the real Master. I can only indicate the way; I can only show you how I have attained to life. You are not expected to imitate me or to follow me. You are just expected to listen and understand, and then to go on your own way, following your own insight.

Always look at life with new eyes. Look at people with new eyes. Look at things with new eyes. Never bring in the old. Never look through the memory, never look through experience. They are all clouds which surround you, and through which you lose the freshness of life. Always make way and look direct, immediate, and you will see that everything is so new.

Each moment, it is complete. Each moment, as it is, is complete… it is perfect. Life moves from one perfection to another perfection. It is not from imperfection to perfection. It is just from perfection to another perfection, from one grandeur to another grandeur, from one richness to another richness.