OSHO: Mano Mat, Jano

Mano Mat, Jano

We will explore the path to true knowledge. We will discuss how to free ourselves from beliefs and become open to new experiences.
If you are interested in spirituality or enlightenment, then this is a must-read post.

  • The first step to true knowledge is to let go of our beliefs. We are all conditioned by our upbringing, culture, and religion. These beliefs can limit our perspective and prevent us from seeing the world objectively.
  • Once we have freed ourselves from our beliefs, we can open ourselves to new experiences. This means being willing to question everything we think we know and to explore new possibilities.
  • The path to true knowledge is not always easy. It can be challenging to let go of our old beliefs and to step outside of our comfort zone. However, the rewards are great. When we finally reach true knowledge, we experience a sense of peace, clarity, and understanding that is unlike anything else.