Tale 4 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 4 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas


Tale 4 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas


At 2:00pm I reach the bungalow where He is staying. Lots of people have already arrived and are waiting to meet Him. His secretary comes, and people start going to his room, one by one. Mostly, everyone comes out within two or three minutes. Now the woman standing in front of me is going in; my turn is next. Just to see how she meets Osho, I peep in through the window when she walks in. Osho is sitting on a sofa and the floor is carpeted. The woman bows down to Osho, touches His feet and sits on the carpet. I say to myself, “This seems to be the right way to meet Him.” My heart is throbbing in excitement, and at the same time is gripped by some unknown fear. In a couple of minutes the woman comes out and I enter the room.

Osho greets me with a big smile. I simply forget everything and am pulled towards Him. I hug Him, and He receives it with such love that I feel it is not only I who has found Him, he has also found a lost child. He looks very happy and makes me sit next to Him on His left side, on the sofa. With His left hand He is caressing my back and places His right hand in my hands. I look in His eyes–they are full of love and light, and I feel that I have known this man for eternity. By His magical touch he is doing some miracle, and I come back to the normal state from that dying experience which had started when I had listened to His discourse the night before.

He asks me what I am doing in my life but I am unable to speak. He says, “Don’t be worried; everything will be okay”. By now I am able to talk, and I tell Him I am working in a transport company in Bombay.
He asks, “Will you do my work?”

Not knowing what his work is , I simply nod my head.

He calls His secretary in and introduces me to him and tells me, “Keep in touch with him.”

In a couple of minutes I get up to leave, walk two or three steps and again look back at Him. He simply smiles, and I return and sit near his feet on the carpet.

He says, “Close you eyes,” and places His right foot on my heart centre. I feel some energy flowing through His foot and entering my body and my mind goes blank, I only hear the sound of my breath. It feels as if time has stopped. Maybe it is just a couple of minutes later that I hear His voice saying, “Come back… open your eyes slowly.” He slowly takes His foot away, and when I open my eyes He is sitting with His eyes closed. I slowly get up and slip out of the room with my heart dancing in joy. It is as if I have found some lost treasure.