Tale 67 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 67 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Osho is giving discourses on Bhagvadgeeta in Ahmedabad. Every night, after evening discourse, He is reading five to six books in two hours. I can’t conceive how He manages it. When I look into the books which He has finished, I find some lines are underlined on different pages. He signs each book with the date of reading.

Today, I accompany Him to a bookstore for purchasing more books. I guess, it is the biggest bookstore in Ahmedabad. Thousands of books are on the shelves. The man on the counter greets Osho with folded hands and touches His feet. It seems he is one of the lovers of Osho. Osho places His hand on his head and inquires with him about the latest publications. The man invites Osho to come inside the shop and in minutes Osho has sorted out thirty-two books. I am astonished at His marvelous memory: He remembers the names of the books, including author’s names.

While coming back, sitting near Him in the back seat of the car, just out of curiosity I ask Him, “Osho, after enlightenment, why are you reading all these books on different subjects?” He says, “It is the most arduous work for me. Mahavira’s fasting for days is nothing compared to reading all this rubbish. Since Mahavira, man has changed a lot. To communicate with intelligentsia of this time, I have to speak from their level. Only when they are intellectually satisfied, they will be able to understand that which is beyond intellect.”

Then He warns me, “Never get lost in reading all kinds of books. My books are the essence. They are enough to guide any seeker of truth.” He further adds, “All old books in the name of religion have to future. They all need to be replaced by my books, which can attract the youth in future.”

I can feel Osho’s compassion for humanity, which is groping in the dark. And here is a man of truth, who is wandering around with a burning torch in His hand, to show us the way.