Tale 68 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 68 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Lately, lots of people from the film industry are getting interested is Osho. Kalyanji, Mahipal, Vijayanand, Mahesh Bhatt, Manoj and Indivar are the main ones. Kalyanji is the tops as a music director. Indivar is composing songs for films. He wants to compose Osho’s teachings in his songs. Manoj is a famous film director and actor.

Today, Manoj has invited Osho to his residence in the suburbs of Bombay. After evening discourse at Cross Maidan, Osho is straight away taken in a car to Manoj’s house. It is peak rush time for vehicles on the road. I join with some friends in another car, which is leaving for Manoj’s house.

Our car is stuck in a traffic jam on the way for a while, and finally we reach our destination by 9:30pm.

It is a beautiful bungalow, surrounded by a garden. The entrance gate is left open for people to walk in silently. The watchman, standing there, greets us and shows us the way with a gesture of his hand. In minutes, we enter a big living room, which is packed with people sitting all over. Osho has already started talking; still He greets us with a smile. Silently, we manage to sit wherever the space is available. After sitting quite far away from Osho, I start feeling uncomfortable. I look at the space around Osho and feel a strong urge to go and sit there near Him. I hesitate, but the urge is so strong, in spite of myself I get up and somehow manage to walk towards Him and sit at a little distance from Him. He looks at me and smiles, which relieves me of some tension and I relax. Manoj and his wife are sitting very close to Osho. A friend who is taking care of recording is also sitting nearby.

It is a kind of unique meeting. It is more like a dialogue. Osho is answering all types of questions asked spontaneously. I look at the listeners and find many familiar faces of the film industry. They look in “Aha” space while listening to Osho. It seems no one is aware of the time. The meeting goes on and on.

I look at my watch; it is quarter to twelve. In fifteen minutes it will be midnight. I feel concerned about Osho. He has already spoken two hours at Cross Maidan. It is almost three hours now He is speaking here. Tomorrow morning, at 8:00am, there is another meeting at Birla Kedra Kendra near Chowpatty. I am engrossed in all these thoughts and wake up only when the meeting is over after five minutes.

Silently, people get up from their seats and start walking out. Manoj offers Osho to stay in his bungalow overnight, and suggests that he will drive Him in the morning to Chowpatty. Osho agrees to it and tells us not to worry about Him.

We all come out of the bungalow, hoping to see Him again in the morning.