Tale 69 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 69 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Osho is speaking every evening in the living room of Woodlands apartment, which can accommodate nearly two hundred people. He has stopped talking to the masses and is interested in talking to small groups of people, who are ready to travel with Him in unknown spheres.

He has started speaking on the 112 techniques of meditation written by Shiva in his book called “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.” While explaining these techniques He suggests that just listening won’t help. It can give us intellectual understanding only. For experience, we have to practice any technique regularly at least for three months.

I have chosen two techniques for myself. In the morning I do the technique called “Death experience.” I take off all my clothes, lie down on the floor in Shavasan, like a dead body which I cover with a white sheet. After relaxing the body totally in let go, I have to watch from inside as if the body is dead. It is the technique of non-doing, just being a witness. In the beginning, there are lots of passing thoughts like a non-stop traffic. I go on watching them, like traffic passing on the road, not getting identified with it.

After a couple of week’s practice, my meditation starts deepening and in between the thoughts, I have little glimpses of silent moments. I continue doing it and one morning, I realize, whenever a point comes when I can really go deep, some fear grips me. I feel I am not alone in my room. My room is crowded with many souls wandering in space. Any of them can enter in my body if I really go deep in meditation. This fear repeats for a few days.

When I talk to Osho about it, He listens seriously, looking at me with His penetrating eyes. Then picking one of His photographs from the table, He signs it and giving it to me says, “Keep it in your room and before starting meditation, concentrate on it for a couple of minutes.” I receive this precious gift from Him with gratitude and touch His feet. He blesses me by placing His hand on my head and says, “Not to worry, and continue the meditation. I will be there.”

I put His photograph in a frame and keep it on a side table near my bed. All my fear has vanished and I feel His presence tremendously in my room.