Tale 94 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 94 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

On the morning of July 31, 1986 Osho arrives back In Bombay. Swami Suraj Prakash has a beautiful bungalow named “Sumila” near Juhu Beach and the first floor is vacated for Osho to be a guest there till some other place is arranged for Him. News of Osho’s arrival is kept secret for His security and only eight to ten sannyasins know. Four of them go to the air-port to receive him and four stay at Sumila.

After a long wait, Osho’s car arrives at about 10:30am at Sumila. He is sitting in the back seat of the car with Ma Neelam. I feel overjoyed to open the door of His car and welcome Him to India. After opening the door I stand by the side with folded hands. He slowly and gently comes out of the car and pats me on my hand saying, “Hello, Jyoti.” He looks very fragile. I keep gazing at Him for a moment unable to say anything. He turns and starts walking to the house. Somehow the news media arrive and cameras start clicking. I walk behind Him and realize how slim and weak His body has become.

After having lunch He needs to rest and Neelam brings the message that He will meet us at 3:OOpm. Somehow the news of His arrival has started spreading and at 3:00pm the big living room on the first floor is over-packed with His lovers.

Osho comes out in his white robe without wearing a cap. He looks very fresh and radiant, namastes everyone and sits in a chair. The atmosphere is very light. Something unbelievable has happened. There is much laughter. Osho is sitting amongst us after many years. It feels like the old Bombay days are back.

From the next day Osho starts speaking every morning and evening. In the morning He is talking to the press people about His world tour and mainly the injustice of the American government.

In the evening for ten days He speaks in Hindi answering our questions. Soon sannyasins from all over the world start arriving. The sitting space is limited in Sumila. Arrangements are made in a hall where people can watch a video every day.

On August 16, 1986 a new series of discourses in English starts called “Rajneesh Upanishad”. Osho answers our questions mainly concerned with master-disciple relationship. This series of discourses is one of the best ones for me. He discloses many secrets of master-disciple relationship for the first time.