Tale 72 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 72 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Lately, Kalyanji has become interested in Osho and is arranging meetings at his residence in proper Bombay. He invites lots of friends from the film industry to listen to Osho. Usually, these meetings are arranged in the afternoon by 2:00pm and go on for a couple of hours.

Today, when I hear that a meeting has been arranged, I get excited to go for it. But the friend who will be driving Osho to Kalyanji residence informs Osho that Kalyanji wants to talk to Osho privately and no one can accompany Him. I can’t believe this. I sense some game is being played with us. When Osho is getting ready to leave, I talk to Him about this. He chuckles and says, “Find out some way to reach there.”

I consult with other friends, who are also eager to attend the meeting, and we have the idea to call Kalyanji. I find out Kalyanji’s phone number from directory and dial it. Kalyanji himself is on the line. When I ask him about the meeting of Osho at his residence, he confirms it and invites us to come without any hesitation.

Immediately, we hire a taxi and reach Kalyanji’s residence before Osho has arrived there. Kalyanji welcomes us with much love. Nearly a hundred people are already sitting in the big living room of his apartment on Peddar Road. He treats us as his special guests and arranges space for us near Osho’s seat.

In a couple of minutes, Osho enters the room, namastes everyone with folded hands and seeing us already sitting there, gives us His mischievous smile. Kalyanji greets Osho with a big hug and sits near Him. The friend who has driven Osho gives us an angry look and whispers to me “Why have you come here?” I tell him, “Not to worry. We are here as Kalyanji’s guests.” Suppressing his anger, he remains silent.

Osho asks Kalyanji if he wants to talk in private. We are shocked to hear Kalyanji saying that he has nothing to talk privately and he has no question even.

Osho looks at the friend who has given wrong information about this meeting, and the friend bows down his head in shame for telling a lie.

Kalyanji has composed a new music and he asks Osho if He would like to listen to it. Osho agrees to it. For ten minutes this gramophone record is played. The music is marvelous and I observe Osho enjoying it with His eyes closed, tapping His hand on the knee, with the rhythm of the music. When the music is over, there is pindrop silence for a while. Then starts the music of Osho. He speaks nearly two hours explaining how music can be helpful in meditation. He answers all types of spontaneous questions asked on different subjects.

I feel sorry that no one has thought of recording this talk. I wonder how many more talks of Osho have remained unrecorded, because of our unawareness.