Tale 98 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Tale 98 : One Hundred Tales For Ten Thousand Buddhas

Osho’s body is not keeping well and He has to discontinue speaking for a few days. In the meantime, some friends from Bombay are looking for a new place for him. Osho’s presence is like a magnetic burning torch. Seekers of truth get pulled towards Him wherever He is. Every day more and more sannyasins are arriving from the West. It has been almost five months now that He has been staying as a guest in Sumila. The neighbors are getting very much upset with His presence and the increasing flow of visitors.

One evening, we come to know that Osho is leaving for Poona in a couple of days. So we start packing and feel happy to go to Poona with Him.

On January 3, 1987 in the early morning Osho arrives back in Poona. And after having a rest for a few days, He starts speaking again in Chuang Tzu Auditorium every morning and evening. His body now looks quite strong and His voice is very fiery like the early days.

During the discourses on Zarathustra, He is dancing with us while coming and going. It feels like an energy play going on between master and disciple. The whole place is again throbbing with His energy.

But it does not continue for long. Osho’s shoulders start hurting and He gets an ear infection an again e stops coming out. The ear specialist who is treating Osho is confused when he finds that all his treatment has no positive results. Osho’s blood is then taken to the West for a thorough check and it shows that He has been poisoned in the American jails.

His eyes are getting weaker every day and He can’t stand any light. After many days He does come back to Buddha Hall but with glasses. He looks more beautiful with glasses to me but I miss looking into His beautiful oceanic eyes.

I notice Osho’s body is shrinking every day. He is loosing weight and feeling weaker. He has to stop speaking again and again because of His ill health. Lately Osho is not meeting anybody except His caretaker and doctor. During these days I never meet Osho physically. Now the connection with Osho is on some deeper level. I have a vague feeling that Osho sends us the message to wear white robes in Buddha Hall. In Indian tradition people gather in white clothes only when someone dies. I get another shock when I see all the commune buildings being painted black.

In His last series of discourses on Zen, Osho’s emphasis is only on meditation. After every discourse He takes us deeper and deeper into meditation. I feel Osho is giving the finishing touches to His painting.

In April 1989, Osho stops speaking again. He comes to Buddha Hall for twenty minutes to sit in silence with us. He looks more fragile. But still when He comes and leaves He namastes everyone with folded hands, moving slowly on the podium an all directions. Sometimes I feel His legs are shaky and my heart wants to shout, “Please Osho, there is no need for all this. Don’t give so much trouble to your body.” But He never stops. He goes on and on, coming out every day and doing His thing, the way He likes to do.