As your meditation deepens you are surrounded with more and more light…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

As your meditation deepens you are surrounded with more and more light...

Remember, whenever I talk about the heart, I am not talking about the heart medical science talks about — this is something behind it. Each of your senses has a parallel sense behind it.

If you hear me, you can hear in two ways. Either you can hear only with your outer ear, or you can hear with your inner ear too. When your outer and inner ear both hear, then it is listening; otherwise it is only hearing.

When your outer eyes and inner eyes both see, then the same existence becomes so psychedelic, so colorful…. The same tree is greener than it has ever been — and not only greener, each leaf has its own energy aura. The whole tree is surrounded by an energy aura, radiating rays.

In the Soviet Union one man has developed a new photography, Kirlian photography. He uses such sensitive plates that he can picture not only the trees in his plates, but trees with their energy aura surrounding them.

When your inner eyes are together with your outer eyes and there is a harmony, you will see this whole existence is a festival of lights, that everything is radiating light, is surrounded by beautiful light, soft… every man is surrounded.

And a man can be known by his aura. The ordinary man has only nearabout a one-inch aura all around his body, but as your meditation deepens your aura becomes bigger — two inches, three inches, four inches, five inches.

As your meditation deepens you are surrounded with more and more light coming from your inner being.

You have seen the pictures of Buddha or Jesus with a circle of light around their head, an aura, and people think that it is simply mythology. Now Kirlian photography proves it — it is not mythology.

Kirlian photography says that that kind of round aura happens only when somebody has reached to his very innermost core, when somebody is awakened — a Gautam Buddha. Then his whole head radiates something of the eternal.