Disease….. OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....


Now new trends in psychiatry are coming up which start working on the disease, not on the cure.

New trends are developing: they are nearer to reality, and nearer to zen, and nearer to religion. Within this century psychiatry will take on a more religious color, and then it will not be just a therapy, it will REALLY become a healing force — because therapy thinks of a cure, and a healing force brings your consciousness to the disease.

Out of a hundred diseases, ninety-nine will disappear simply by bringing your consciousness to them. They are false diseases; they exist because you are standing with your back towards them.

Face them, and they go, and they disappear. That is the meaning of encounter. The whole message is how to encounter things as they are. Don't think of cure, don't think of medicine, don't think of what to do; the real thing is, first, to know what is there.

Mind has deceived you in so many ways that a disease appears on the surface but there is no disease deep down; or a disease appears on the surface, but you move within and you find there are other diseases, and that was just a trick to deceive you, that was not the real disease.

When one has come to an understanding, a deep understanding with all one's diseases, then ninety-nine percent of the diseases disappear — because you can do something and they disappear. Then only one thing remains, and that one thing is spiritual search….

A deep anguish, unrelated to this world, not related with anything in this world: son, father, money, prestige, power — nothing. It is not related to them, it is simply existential.

Deep down, if you can pinpoint it, it is HOW TO KNOW ONESELF. Who am I? Then this anguish becomes the search. Then meditation can help — never before it. Before it, other things are needed: needles will do, why carry a sword unnecessarily? And where needles will do, swords will be failures. This is what is happening to millions of people all around the world.