Be alert about your love…………OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Be alert about your love............

Whatsoever you love you become, and whatsoever is your love you will find."

So be alert about your love.

If you are to love, then love something of the divine, something…something that transcends things, something that transcends forms, something for which you will have to raise your eyes to the sky. Love a Gaurishankar; love the Himalayan peaks.

There is a story about Solomon:

A woman came; the woman was the queen of Ethiopia. She wanted to love Solomon, she wanted to become his beloved. She was very beautiful, but she wanted to love the wisest man in the world. So she tried a few tests on Solomon, about whether he was really as wise as he was said to be.

She did many experiments; one of the experiments was this: she brought one false flower made of paper, but made so beautifully that it was almost impossible to detect that it was false. She went into the court of Solomon, she stood far away from Solomon, and she said, "I have a flower in my hand. Can you say from that far away whether it is real or unreal?"

Solomon said, "Light is not enough, and I'm an old man, and I cannot see rightly. Please open the windows." The windows were opened. He waited for two minutes and said, "No, it is false."

Then the woman brought another flower from her bag and she said, "What about this?" It was exactly like the first, but it was real. Solomon pretended to look at it and then he said, "Yes, this is a real flower."

The woman was astounded. The whole court was astounded: "What has happened?" They asked him, "How could you find it?" He said, "Easy — I opened the windows for the bees to come in. They decided. For the first flower, no bee came in; for the second they immediately rushed in."

When you love something, you have a supra-sense about where it is. Your love monitors you, it leads you, it becomes your guide.

A bee can smell from miles far away where the flowers are. Much experiment and research has been done with bees about how they find their way. Miles away the flowers have bloomed, and bees will come rushing. Almost a supra-sense exists in them; that supra-sense is-nothing but love.

You will find your way to the object you love, so be very cautious about your object of love because that is going to decide your destiny. Your love is your destiny. Love something superb; love something of the supra-existence; love something of the divine, and you will find your way.