Flower of love, of joy, of peace, and of all that is beautiful in existence….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Flower of love, of joy, of peace, and of all that is beautiful in existence....

The society is against love, the government is against love, the education is against love.

I remember… I was sitting with the vice-chancellor of the university where I was teaching philosophy. He used to love me; once in a while passing through the corridor if he would see me he would immediately send somebody to call me — "If you don't have any classes or anything, if you are not engaged, just come and have a cup of tea with me."

He loved to discuss things of the beyond; he had a certain philosophical bent of mind. One day when I was sitting with him, a post-graduate student girl came in, crying. And she said, "I have been continuously harassed by one young man — he is also in the same subject, in the same class. He goes on harassing me in different ways."

The vice-chancellor asked, "Just tell me what he actually does."

She said, "Sometimes he takes the air out of my bicycle, sometimes if there is nobody around he throws a pebble at me. And continuously he goes on writing letters — without signing them. I know that he is the person, I know his writing." And she had brought about three or four dozen letters. The vice-chancellor said, "I know that boy. You are not the first to report against him. He has been in this university for five years — from the very beginning — and continuously he has been doing the same things. I am tired of him, he has been punished in every way. Now the only way is to expel him from the university."
I said, "Just wait a minute. We will have to decide whom to expel."

He said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "I mean whether I have to be expelled or you have to be expelled or this girl has to be expelled or that boy has to be expelled — there are four persons involved."
He said, "Have you suddenly gone crazy?"

I said, "You keep quiet. Let me talk with the girl." I said, "Be true and authentic — don't you really enjoy being harassed?"

There was a moment of silence, but her tears disappeared. I asked her, "If nobody punctured your bicycle, nobody threw a pebble at you, and nobody ever wrote a single letter, would that be preferable?"

She said, "I have never thought about it in this way. No, that will not be preferable."
And I asked her, "Be sincere. Your coming here to report — is not some joy inside that only you are the most beautiful girl? And you have brought all the proofs for it."
She said, "But how have you come to know?"

I said, "This is not a question of coming to know about it, just a simple psychology: a woman suffers most if nobody looks at her." Although if you look at her for more than three seconds, she is going to be very angry. Three seconds is the limit found by psychologists. Three second means casual, by the way, but looking more than that becomes staring. But if a woman is never stared at by anyone, she will suffer immensely.
I told the girl, "I can see you are feeling proud, even in your tears." She was a beautiful girl. I said, "The boy has done nothing wrong, it is just that he is stupid and does not know how to persuade a girl."

I told the vice-chancellor, "You need not interfere. Send the boy to me — I will teach him how to make love."

He said, "Is this the university, the seat of wisdom?"
And I asked the girl, "What do you want? You say it, it will be done. If you want that boy to be expelled he will be expelled."

She said, "No, I don't want him to be expelled. In fact, without him this whole university will be empty for me. He is beautiful."

He vice-chancellor said, "Strange… if he is beautiful and you cannot live without him, then why have you come to complain?"
I said, "This is simple advertisement." And then I said to the girl, "So there is no need for me to call the boy?"

She said, "There is no need, because if he takes the air out… he also keeps a pump, to help me. If he throws pebbles at me, he makes sure that they don't hit me or don't hurt me. And if he writes letters there is nothing wrong in those letters. And perhaps you are right, that I had come here for the purpose you mentioned."

I said to the vice-chancellor, "I will manage — no interference from your side; otherwise I am going to call a meeting of all the boys and all the girls of the university and tell them that this vice-chancellor has to be expelled because he does not even respect love."
He said to the girl, "Now you can go — you need not listen to these things. You forget what he has said, it is just between me and him." And then he turned towards me; he said, "You should not say such things before the students."

I said, "Just one question and I will go, because I have my class. And I have got the subject…"

He said, "What subject?"
I said, "This subject — because I don't have any program, I never decide about what I am going to teach. This is such a beautiful subject… but one question before I leave. Remember your days when you were young and a student in the university? And be truthful — have you not ever looked at a girl with desire, with longing? Have you not written a love letter?"

He said, "It is very difficult to be untruthful to you, because your eyes penetrate so deep that I know you will find out what the truth is. You are right. But now I am a vice-chancellor and I have to manage a university of ten thousand students."
I said, "You don't know how to manage. Expelling because the boy loves the girl? And the girl was certainly beautiful — what do you think? Don't you feel like writing a love letter?"
He said, "At my age?"

I said, "Love knows no age."

He said, "That's true, but don't tell anybody. If my wife comes to know that I have confessed to you that I like the girl, then there is going to be terrorism in my home!"
Because people are not allowed, given opportunities by their elders…. No father, no mother, no elder brother, no professor, no teacher ever shares with his students, with his children, his own experiences. So naturally everybody remains almost an amateur lover. He never passes from ABC, and one has to go beyond love only when one has passed XYZ.
Love is a sleeping energy in you.

My experience is, if your mind can be emptied out of all the crap that you are filled with, in that emptiness blossoms the flower of love, of joy, of peace, and of all that is beautiful in existence.