Greed and hunger….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Greed and hunger....

There is no justice in the world, there is no love in the world — there is only greed and hunger.

The hunger is because of greed, because a few people are so hypnotized by money that they go on collecting without bothering that the more money you collect, the more people will be dying in Ethiopia, in India, in the whole poor East.

All your money is soaked in blood.

Your bank balances show how many people you have murdered.

Greed is a very beautiful word, because it carries its whole meaning with a perceptivity that you cannot imagine. It comes from a Sanskrit root, and in Sanskrit every word has a certain meaning and depth which is not the case with other languages.

In Sanskrit, the vulture is called giddha. And the vulture eats the corpses of man, animal, birds; he lives only on the death of others. His life depends on the death of others.

The English word greed is a transformation in the long journey of the word giddha.

Anybody who is greedy is absolutely unconscious of the fact that their greed is creating somewhere poverty, hunger, disease, death.

If there is greed then the world is going to be divided into two classes — those who have and those who have not.