Be flexible…………OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Be flexible............

Be spontaneous! Some days you may not be able to get up — nothing is wrong in it, you are not committing a sin. If you are feeling sleepy, sleep is beautiful — as beautiful as any morning and as beautiful as any sunrise, because sleep belongs to the divine as much as the sun. If you are feeling to rest the whole day, it is good!

You should live moment to moment, enjoying moment to moment — spontaneity should be the way. And why bother about tomorrow? — this moment is enough. Live it! Live it in totality. Respond, but don't react. "No habits" should be the formula.

I am not saying live in a chaos, but don't live through habits. Maybe, just living spontaneously, a way of life evolves in you — but that is not forced. If you enjoy the morning every day, and through enjoyment you get up early in the morning, not as a habit, and you get up every day… and you may get up for your whole life, but that is not a habit. You are not forcing yourself to get up — it happens. It is beautiful; you enjoy it, you love it.

If it happens out of love it is not a style, it is not a habit, not a conditioning, not a cultivated, dead thing. Less habits — you will be more alive. No habits — you will be perfectly alive. Habits surround you with a dead crust and you become enclosed in them, you become encapsulated. Like a seed a cell surrounds you, hard. Be flexible.