Become a watcher……….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Become a watcher..........

Become a watcher. Get out of the traffic of the mind, stand by the side of the road and just see. And when I say just see, I mean don't evaluate, don't judge. Don't say,'This is good, that is wrong.'

Once you say,'This is good,' you are no more a witness: you have jumped into the river; you are already identified, you are already in trouble. Just stand by the side of the road, or, sit on the bank of a river and let the river flow wherever it goes.

You are not concerned; it is none of your business. Unconcerned, indifferent, just watching, you will suddenly be in between: neither this nor that. That in between point is the point of transcendence. Suddenly, the mind disappears with all its traffic.

You are left alone, alone in tremendous purity, alone in absolute innocence, alone with no movement — silent, eternal — not going anywhere, just being here.

You are not trying to become someone, something, this or that — just being yourself. And to be yourself is to be divine.

To be yourself is to meditate. To be yourself is all that religion is about. This is what I'm teaching here.