Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....



TRY TO UNDERSTAND the word 'suchness'. Buddha depends on that word very much. In Buddha's own language it is TATHATA — suchness. The whole Buddhist meditation consists of living in this word, living with this word, so deeply that the word disappears and you become the suchness.


For example, you are ill. The attitude of suchness is: accept it — and say to yourself, "Such is the way of the body," or, "Such are things." Don't create a fight, don't start struggling. You have a headache — accept it. Such is the nature of things. Suddenly there is a change, because when this attitude comes in a change follows just like a shadow. If you can accept your headache, the headache disappears.


You try it. If you accept an illness it starts dispersing. Why does it happen? It happens because whenever you are fighting, your energy is divided: half the energy moving into illness, the headache, and half the energy fighting the headache — a rift, a gap and the fight. Really THIS fight is a deeper headache.


Once you accept, once you don't complain, once you don't fight, the energy has become one within. The rift is bridged. And so much energy is released because now there is no conflict — the release of energy itself becomes a healing force. Healing doesn't come from outside. All that medicines can do is to help the body to bring its own healing force into action. All that a doctor can do is just to help you to find your own healing power. Health cannot be forced from outside, it is your energy flowering.


This word 'suchness' can work so deeply that with physical illness, with mental illness and finally with spiritual illness — this is a secret method — they all dissolve. But start from the body, because that is the lowest layer. If you succeed there, then higher levels can be tried. If you fail there, then it will be difficult for you to move higher.


Something is wrong in the body: relax and accept it, and simply say inside — not only in words but feel it deeply — that such is the nature of things. A body is a compound, so many things combined in it. The body is born, it is prone to death. And it is a mechanism, and complex; there is every possibility of something or other going wrong.


Accept it, and don't be identified. When you accept you remain above, you remain beyond. When you fight you come to the same level. Acceptance is transcendence. When you accept, you are on a hill, the body is left behind. You say, "Yes, such is the nature. Things born will have to die. And if things born have to die they will be ill sometimes. Nothing to be worried about too much" — as if it is not happening to you, just happening in the world of the things.


This is the beauty: that when you are not fighting, you transcend. You are no more on the same level. And this transcendence becomes a healing force. Suddenly the body starts changing. And the same happens to mental worries, tensions, anxieties, anguish. You are worried about a certain thing. What is the worry? You cannot accept the fact, that's the worry. You would like it in some way different from how it is happening. You are worried because you have some ideas to enforce on nature.