Drop expectation — that is not the right thing to bring into meditation…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Drop expectation -- that is not the right thing to bring into meditation...

The very base of meditation, the very foundation of meditation is to understand that expectation has to be dropped; otherwise meditation never starts.

It is expectation that keeps your mind continuously spinning thoughts. It is expectation that keeps you tense.

It is expectation, when not fulfilled, that makes you feel frustrated, miserable. Drop expectation and meditation will flower, but it can flower only when you are not expecting. You can go on expecting for many lives; you will not allow meditation to flower. That is not the way.

I have heard….

Lanahan's hair kept falling and he complained to his barber. "That stuff you gave me," he cried "is terrible. You said two bottles of it would make me hair grow, but nothing has happened."

"I don't understand," said the barber, "that is the best hair restorer made."

"Well," said Lanahan, "I don't mind drinking another bottle, but it better work!"

Now, with expectation, doing meditation is like drinking a bottle of hair restorer. It is not going to work. It can even be destructive, it can be dangerous.

It is better not to meditate than to meditate with expectation, because at least you will not suffer the frustration. Don't meditate. But if you have decided to meditate, then be clear. Meditation does not guarantee anything to you. Not that nothing happens out of it; it happens, but there is no guarantee. Tremendous possibilities open but you cannot expect them. If you expect, doors remain dosed. It is your expectation that blocks the way.

Expectation is very, very dangerous. With expectation, even if something happens you will not feel fulfilled, because expectation is almost insanity.

You go on expecting more and more. Whatsoever happens is not going to make you happy if you start with expectations. Drop expectation — that is not the right thing to bring into meditation — and immediately things will start happening.