To contradict myself is my way….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

To contradict myself is my way....

To contradict myself is my way. To never allow you to settle anywhere is my way. To go on goading you on and on, is my way.

Listen in deep tranquility. Don't be bothered about whether I am contradicting something that I have said before. Listen to me this moment; don't bring the past in. If you don't bring the past in there is no contradiction. If you bring the past in then there is contradiction.

Just don't bring the past in: that is what tranquility is. You just listen to me this moment; then where is the contradiction? And that's my whole effort — to go on contradicting. One day or other you will decide that if you have to listen to this man, you have to forget all about what he has said before.

That's a way to make you alert that the past has not to be brought in. If I go on saying very consistent things you will stop listening to me — because there is no need: "He is saying the same thing." Even if you sleep you will not miss anything. But I will not allow you to sleep because you can miss, you can never rely.

I completely go on forgetting what I have said to you yesterday. I am a drunkard.

That's why I can contradict so easily, otherwise it would be very difficult. It never comes to my mind that I am contradictory. Whatsoever I am saying, this is it! I don't bother about what I have said before.

I'm not concerned with it. That was the truth of that moment, this is the truth of this moment, and I'm not reliable. I am not saying anything that I am going to say again tomorrow. Who knows? I don't know myself. If you really listen to me, by and by you will listen to the moment. That's the whole effort.

I am not trying to give you a philosophy, a doctrine, a dogma. A dogma has to be consistent, a creed has to be consistent. I am not trying to convert you to a certain belief; a belief has to be consistent. I am trying to give you a vision, not a belief. I am trying to help you to come to my window to see the sky, to see the truth. That truth cannot be described. And that truth cannot be made a dogma, and that truth contains all contradictions — because it is so vast. So I go on giving you glimpses, aspects of it: one aspect is contradictory to another aspect. But in the whole truth, all aspects meet and mingle and are one.

If you want to be with me, you have to arrive to that tranquility where you don't pay any attention to the past. You forget what. I have said as deeply as I go on forgetting. You are simply to listen to this moment. Then there is no contradiction because there is no comparison.

And then you don't cling to what I say. It becomes just a direction and not a destination. It just helps you to become more alert and aware. It does not give you a philosophy. Rather, it gives you a very subtle milieu, a totally different vision of life. It imparts my eyes to you.