Existence is always in spring….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Existence is always in spring....


Life is full of divine glory

But we are unconscious.

We are so deeply asleep

That we go on missing the glory of it.

It is the most perfect existence possible,

The most beautiful, the most magnificent.

It cannot be improved upon.

But we are asleep

Hence we cannot have any connection with it.


It is as if it is spring

And the trees are flowering

And the birds are singing

And the wind is dancing through the trees

And you are asleep.

You will not know the sunrays coming to you

Through the trees

And the beautiful patterns

They are creating around you.

You will not see the flowers, their colours.

You will not see the dance

Of the trees and the wind.

You will not even know that you are in a garden!

You will have no connection with the spring.

You will be enclosed within yourself.

You may be having a nightmare

And you may be suffering in your nightmare.

You may be suffering in your nightmare.

You may be screaming, crying and weeping.

It has no relationship with the reality

Surrounding you.

That's exactly the situation of man.

Existence is always in spring

But one has to be awake

To know it, to feel it, to live it.

And once you have tasted of the joy

That surrounds you, you are religious

Because great gratitude arises in you

And thankfulness and prayer.