Feel grateful, feel prayerful…..

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Feel grateful, feel prayerful.....


One should learn to treat one's life as a divine gift. It is of immense value and one should not waste it. Because it has been given free we should not waste it. It has been given free because it is beyond value — but ordinarily people think it is valueless, as if there is no value to it. It is beyond value. It transcends value.


     So each moment has to be transformed into a great offering to God. As He has given life to you, you have to respond. That response is prayer. When you start understanding that this life is so valuable, and that God has shown so much love by giving life to you, by breathing life into you, you start responding towards His love. That response is prayer. It always comes when one feels that one is a gift . . .  that God has been a great benediction.


     So just feel that you are immensely valuable. When I say immensely valuable, I don't mean that you have to be comparative. You are not more valuable than others. Everyone is immensely valuable; there is no comparison. When I say immensely valuable, I don't use the word in a relative way, I don't say that you are more valuable than others. Nobody is more or less. All are valuable, and all are uniquely valuable. So just try to understand your intrinsic value and start responding towards God. It is already late, and it should not be delayed any more. So feel grateful, feel prayerful.