Float; flow with the flow; move with the whole….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Float; flow with the flow; move with the whole....

Surrender is wisdom. Fight is stupid. Float; flow with the flow; move with the whole. Don't have private dreams and don't have private goals. Don't have a private ideology.

Then this moment you live; and when the next moment comes, you live in it. If life is there, you live life; if death comes, you live death. Whatsoever happens, you are grateful.

I have heard about a Sufi mystic who used to pray and every day thank God. His disciples were worried. Many times they were very much puzzled, because sometimes it was okay to thank God because things were going well. But the man was absolutely unconcerned about things — sometimes when things were going very badly, then too he would give thanks.

One day it was too much: the disciples for three days were hungry and starving, and they were not given refuge in any town. They were thrown out. The people were very orthodox, and the master was a revolutionary, a very unorthodox, non-traditional man, unconventional, nonconformist; so no village would allow them even to have shelter in the night. And they were without food. On the fourth day, in the morning, when the master started praying, the disciples said, "Now it is going too far — he said to God,'How wonderful you are! You always give me whatsoever I need.' "

Then one disciple said, "Wait, one minute. Now it is becoming absurd. What are you saying.? Three days we have been hungry. We are dying; no shelter in any town, and you are thanking God that whatsoever you need he always gives!"

And the mystic started laughing, and he said, "Yes, for these three days we needed starvation; for these three days we needed to be rejected. He always gives whatsoever we need. For these three days we needed to be poor, absolutely poor. Whatsoever we need he always gives, and I am thankful." And he started praying and thanking God and being grateful.

If you are not fighting, then an understanding arises that everything is beautiful and whatsoever is needed is happening, whatsoever is needed for your growth. Sometimes poverty is needed; sometimes starvation is needed; sometimes illness is needed. In fact, I have not come across anything which is not a need sometimes to someone. If you understand, you accept. If you accept, you grow. If you reject, your whole energy becomes a wastage in fighting. The same situation could have been a growth — now it is simply a wastage, a leakage.

Don't be a fatalist, because in the first place don't fight. If you fight and get frustrated, then fatalism enters in. In the first place, don't fight.