You have made man a robot, twenty-four hours a day geared to work…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

You have made man a robot, twenty-four hours a day geared to work...

You see advertisements — they work, but they need constant repetition. A certain brand of cigarette… you have to read it in the newspaper, you have to see it on television, you have to hear it on the radio, you have to see it on the street on the billboards, you have to see it in the movie house, it has to be repeated continually.

A certain brand… you don't take any note of it. You simply read it and you forget about it, but it is going to make a mark inside you. And when you go to purchase cigarettes, suddenly you will find yourself asking for that brand.

But it is a long process. Up to now, advertising has been a lengthy process.

You are watching the movie and you will not be aware that something has happened; you will go on seeing the movie. The story is going on and in just a flash — so short that you will not be able to detect with your eyes that something has passed on the screen — you feel very thirsty and you need a Coca Cola. You have not read "Coca Cola", but even though you have not read it, your memory has simply got the idea.

And they have found that on that night, in that movie house the sales of Coca Cola rose by seventy percent. The people who ask for Coca Cola don't know why they are asking for Coca Cola — they feel thirsty. They are not feeling thirsty, they don't need Coca Cola, but a subliminal impact….

This is dangerous. It is taking away your freedom. You are not even free to choose, you are simply being ordered — and in such a way that you are not even aware that you have been ordered to purchase Coca Cola.

You have made man a robot, twenty-four hours a day geared to work, and geared to do whatever kind of work you want. It is not his free will.

These people have brought these beautiful words like discipline, work, obedience, to such a distasteful state that it is better for a few days to abandon them completely.

Work is beautiful if it comes out of your love, if it comes out of your creativity. Then work has some spiritual quality.

Discipline is good if it comes out of your learning, your disciplehood, your dedication, your devotion — then it is something that is growing in you like a beautiful flame, directing your life in its light.

If obedience comes out of trust… not that somebody is more powerful and if you don't listen you will be punished.

Even God could not forgive just one act of disobedience. The poor fellows… Adam and Eve had eaten one apple!