For me there is no future, no past; all is present…….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

For me there is no future, no past; all is present.......

When you don't get enough food your life flame burns low; instead of gaining intensity it starts gaining length. In colder countries people live longer than in the hotter countries, because in colder countries you cannot live so passionately so intensely; the cold prevents you. In hotter countries you are more passionate.

Hence it is not strange that the first book on sexology was written in India: the KAMA SUTRA of Vatsyayana, and it is not strange that the most strange sexual stories have been written in the very hot countries like Arabia. The reason is: when the sun is hot you also live in a hot way. When there is no sun and it is all cloudy, your life also burns low.

Food is fuel: if you eat less you will be thin, if you eat less you will have less sexual desire, if you eat less you will have less possibility of being angry, if you eat less you will live at a very minimum level of life. You can live long, but this is not life. Then why not get frozen in a deep freeze? Then you can live forever!

And that was one of the reasons why the escapist monks found it a great attraction to go to the Himalayan caves; it is a natural way of living a frozen life. And not only did they escape to the Himalayas, they also tried to live without clothes, naked or almost naked. If your body remains too cold your blood is nothing but frozen; then you can live long, but length has no value. time has no value, and length is in time. Depth has value, and depth is a totally different matter.

When I say 'a better world' I don't mean people will be living for two hundred years, three hundred years, because they will be great saints. I simply mean people WILL be living passionately, totally, wholly. Even if they live a very short life their life will be a fulfillment.

My idea of a better world is not your idea of a better world.
Listening to me always remember: my words have MY meaning, and become capable of separating your meaning from my meaning.

For me there is no future, no past; all is present.
To you I say, "Don't think of the future," because if you think of the future you will miss the present.
I am SO rooted in the present that it is only the present that extends into the past and into the future.

It is like you are hiding in your room and looking from the keyhole at what is happening outside. You see a man suddenly appearing from nowhere, because just a moment before he was not there because he was not in front of your keyhole — he was in the future. Now suddenly he appears before the keyhole; you can see him for a moment and then he is gone again. Now he is in the past.

But I am outside the room. When for you he was in the future, for me he was in the present; when for you he has again become in the past, he is still for me in the present. Once you have known how to live in the present then all is present. So if I sometimes talk about past or about future, don't misunderstand me. For me there is no past and no future but only the present. I live in the present.