Just a prayerful patience and waiting…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Just a prayerful patience and waiting.....


In Zen it has been one of the oldest traditions that whenever a disciple is hit, the whole monastery becomes happy, and the disciple is received as something special. The master has hit him; the disciple has been chosen. People wait for years to be hit by the master. They pray, they ask the master, "When will we be capable?" or, "When will we be fortunate enough to be hit? When will your stick, your staff, descend upon us?"


A deep receptivity is needed. There is no need to buy my staff, it is always yours. Only have a welcoming heart, a deep receptivity, patience; it can descend on you at any moment. Sometimes it comes near to you and you become scared. Sometimes, on many centers of your body I hit but then you are scared, then you want to escape from it.

Be alert to the mind; the mind will always tell you to escape. Wherever there is danger the mind will tell you: run away from here.


The mind has two ways of encouraging a situation — one is fight, another is flight. Your mind starts fighting with me, I can see. When I am talking, I can see in your eyes whether you are fighting or fleeing. Your very look, the way you sit, the way you hear, shows that you are fighting, resisting, withdrawn — creating a space so I cannot enter in you. Or, you are on a flight, and then you are sleepy and you are not listening at all. Or you are somewhere else, thinking something else, you are engaged within so you can escape.


When you are ready neither flight nor fight exists, just a prayerful patience and waiting. There is not even an impatience about it… because impatience creates tension. You are not even impatient, just patiently waiting, passively waiting with a prayerful mood.