Just wait, watch, see, and let the daytime come…..OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Just wait, watch, see, and let the daytime come.....


The mind has light moments and dark moments, day moments and night moments.

When it is a day moment everything feels very good; you can see everything clearly.

When night comes everything become dark and you cannot see anything clearly.


There is every possibility you may decide something when it was night time, a dark moment, a low energy moment.

If you decide something in that moment, it will not be wise because you have seen beautiful moments also.

When the night is there, remember the day too — don’t forget it — and soon the day will be coming.


Whenever you have to decide, it is always good to decide in daytime; then your life will have a positivity.

If you decide in the night time your life will become negative.

When you have seen both the day and the night again and again and again, then you know that something is higher than both. You, your witnessing capacity, is higher than both.


So there are three kinds of decisions.

The first kind is a negative kind which makes life a desert. Then nothing blooms — it is a frustration, it is hell !

The second kind of decision is the “yes” decision, the daytime decision — life becomes a joy, a celebration.

There is delight and one feels very happy to be: this is what heaven is, paradise.

And the third is neither light nor darkness — one simply decides out of one’s witnessing; out of all of the experiences of day and night together, one decides.

That is the ultimate decision, that is what makes a man enlightened.

So just wait, watch, see, and let the daytime come, mm ? then decide.”