Love always remains incomplete….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Love always remains incomplete....


No matter how much love you feel or make or show, love always remains incomplete. It is like God. God keeps on expanding and expanding, becoming fuller and fuller, and yet his expanding keeps continuing, keeps going on and on and on.The fact that love always remains incomplete is also an indication of its everlastingness.


Remember, whatsoever attains to completion, dies. Completion is death, because then nothing remains to do, nothing remains to be. There is no more movement, no further progress. Anything that becomes complete is certain to die. What else can it become? What else is left?


Only something that lives forever is always incomplete, always half — and no matter how hard you may try to fill it, it will remain incomplete.


To remain incomplete is love's nature. You can strive as hard as you like after satisfaction, but you will see that each satisfaction only makes you more dissatisfied, only makes you crave for more and more. The more you drink, the more your thirst increases. This is not the water that quenches your thirst when you drink it, this is the water that kindles your thirst more and more. So a lover is never satisfied and his joy is endless. His joy has no end to it, because joy can only come to an end when things reach completion.?