Man is a small part of this great existence, and man cannot comprehend the destiny of the whole….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Man is a small part of this great existence, and man cannot comprehend the destiny of the whole....

There is nothing to be worried about; there is nothing to be worried about, because the wind belongs to the same energy as the flower. Blow with the wind ! The problem arises only if the flower starts fighting with the wind; then it will be difficult. But bow down with the wind, don't resist it! Learn how to bow down. Don't be stiff, be relaxed.

Watch grass leaves moving in the wind: so delicate; yet even the strongest wind cannot destroy them. It can destroy big trees, many big trees will be destroyed when the strong wind comes, bu the grass, the small bushes, will not be destroyed at all. In fact, they will be cleaned: all the dust will be gone with the wind; they will be refreshed, rejuvenated. And once the wind is gone they will be back to their same posture. No harm is going to happen to them; they know the secret of life!

The big tree represents the ego: it resists the wind. It is not the wind that destroys the tree; it is the resistance of the tree, it is the fight of the tree. It does not know how to go with the wind, it does not allow a let-go, it does not know the grammar of surrender. It starts fighting. It is proud, it wants to show to the wind 'You cannot destroy me'; then the trouble arises, then there is clash. and once the big tree falls down it will not be able to get up again because the falling has been non-voluntary, the falling has been an accident.

When the small bush falls it is voluntarily going with the wind. It knows how to fall, that's why it knows how to get back up. In that very surrender it has learned a secret, how to fall; and that is the same secret of how to get up, it is not a different thing. But the big tree missed the point of learning how to fall; hence it cannot get up, it can't get back up again.

This is the whole art of tao, the whole philosophy of tao, and this is my approach towards life: don't push the river, don't even swim. and don't try to go upstream, go with the river, let the river take total possession of you, and then suddenly the river is your energy and your energy is the river's energy and both are one, and there is no clash, no conflict. You will come out of the river tremendously refreshed.

There is no possibility of your being destroyed by the wind. You have to learn how to bow down, how to go with the wind; in whatsoever direction it wants, you bend. You should not choose 'I will bend only to the north or to the south.' It has to be with the wind. Let the wind decide; you simply remain available, vulnerable, and nothing can destroy you.

This is the art of being feminine. This is action through inaction, and that's how my sannyasins have to be. Then nothing can defeat you, because you don't want to be victorious in the first place. How can anybody defeat you if you don't want to be victorious? You will be so enriched by each experience of surrender that you will be surprised how much one can get out of surrender. Infinite is the blessing of surrender. We unnecessarily go on fighting. So don't fight, and if you don't fight, you are the winner. But there is no desire to win; victory comes as a consequence of surrender.

Everything will go on enriching you; no need to be worried. Always trust existence and always trust that deep down it is beneficial, that it is not our enemy, that it is very caring, that it respects you.

How can it be against you? — you are part of it. The whole cannot be against the part. How can you be against your hand? How can you be against your nose? These are your parts! And even if sometimes the hand thinks you are against it, the hand is wrong. It may be that you are trying to take pus out of the hand. It hurts, and if the hand has any consciousness it must have decided that you are an enemy: You are hurting me!

But still you are not an enemy; you are simply trying to help. It is your hand, how can you be inimical to it? You are simply trying to heal the wound, to help the wound to be healed; you are trying to take the poison out. But it hurts and the hand cannot understand the whole, the hand cannot comprehend the whole — that is the thing.

Man is a small part of this great existence, and man cannot comprehend the destiny of the whole. So sometimes when it hurts you think 'It is against me.' Nothing is ever against you! This is trust: that nothing is against you, nothing can be. 'I come out of this existence and one day I will disappear back into it, so I am just a wave of the same ocean, I am not separate.' Understanding this, great insight arises and you are relaxed.

Then, even death is not your enemy. Then, again existence is trying to help you. The body has become old, the body has become tired: now you need a new body; existence is just trying to take the old garments away. But you are afraid, frightened, you think you are being killed.

You are not being killed! If you remain in this old, rotten body then you will be killed! Existence is trying to give you a new life, a new beginning. So death is nothing but an effort from the side of existence to give you a new birth. It is our short-sightedness that makes us feel frightened. Once you trust, all fear disappears and the whole energy of fear is transformed into the energy of love.