Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....


My own observation is this; that whenever a person writes a poem about love, know well he has missed. He has not known what love is. Otherwise, who bothers to write poetry about love? If you can love, you will love rather than write poetry about it.

I have looked into poets and I have never seen that any poet knows what love is. Only mystics know. Love has nothing to do with all those things that have become associated with love. And how you misuse the word!

You can see people talking, and somebody says, `I love ice-cream!'

Somebody loves a Cadillac car, and somebody loves his dog, and somebody loves his cat, and somebody loves his woman…. And people go on using the word `love' for anything.

Love knows no object, love is not addressed. Love is only of God. When you love your woman, if you really love her, you will see the woman has disappeared and god is standing there. If you love the tree, you will suddenly see the tree has disappeared and God is very green in it, blooming.

Love is only of God. Love is never of the part, love is only of the whole. Love is almost synonymous with prayer.