Sometimes I feel like withdrawing from people…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Sometimes I feel like withdrawing from people...

Through meditating, sometimes I feel like withdrawing from people and going away to be alone so I can really go deep into myself and be independent. But this upsets my girlfriend. What should I do?

You are misinterpreting. You are interpreting interdependence as dependence. That is a wrong notion, and because of that wrong notion, a wrong desire arises: how to be independent. Out of one error another error arises. You cannot be; and if somebody teaches you independence — there are people who teach this — they are teaching sheer stupidity. You are part, you are one with the whole, you are a wave in the ocean.

So the first thing to be understood: I don’t teach isolation, because I don’t teach the ego. I don’t teach isolation, because I want you to leave the ego, and not the world. The world is not the problem. The world is tremendously beautiful; it is pure joy; nothing is wrong in it. Something is wrong in you, not in the world. Drop the wrongness in you; don’t renounce the world. I teach you to celebrate the world, not to renounce it. I affirm life, and affirm it unconditionally.

So, if you want to leave anything, leave yourself. If you want to renounce anything, renounce yourself. And the only way, the only way to renounce oneself is to celebrate.

Because whenever you are happy, you are not; whenever you are sad, you are; whenever you are depressed, you are; whenever you are delighting, you are not.

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