Once you ask, What is the meaning of life? you have asked the wrong question…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Once you ask, What is the meaning of life? you have asked the wrong question...

Be here with me without any explanations.
Be here with me in a mystery.
This is a mystery school be part of it but don't ask for explanations.

Once you ask, What is the meaning of life? you have asked the wrong question.

And obviously somebody will say, "this is the meaning of life" — and it cannot be proved.

Then one thing is proved automatically: that life is meaningless. But that is a fallacy.

Only great philosophical school that has arisen in these last few decades — have defeated all other philosophical schools with the same trick, the same one that the idiot used.

About any painting they will say, "Meaningless!" Of any poetry they will say, "Meaningless!" And there is no way to prove beauty; either you see it or you don't see it. There is no way to prove love; if you have to prove it, you are finished. Can you prove your love?

It is good that people take it for granted, at least in the beginning, that they love each other without asking, "Do you really love me? Where is love? Prove it first." Then love would disappear from the world because nobody can prove it. How can you prove it? At the most you can say, "You can listen to my heartbeat."

And the other person can listen to your heartbeat and say, "I can hear your heartbeat, but I don't hear any love. I don't hear any song or dance or any bells ringing. It is just a heartbeat." You can find a stethoscope and listen to it more accurately, more loudly, so then it becomes really loud, but you will not find any love there. Love is not a heartbeat.
Then what is love?

Has anybody ever been able to define it?
No, there is no way to define it.

There are things which are indefinable, hence I call my religion pure mysticism, because I accept things which cannot be explained, which cannot be defined, which can only be lived, which can only be known by experience. If you try to think about them you are going to miss them.

All these five great philosophers have missed life absolutely because they asked the wrong question, they accepted the wrong answer, they fought the wrong answer and they moved to the polar opposite. And remember, if you move from one wrong thing and to oppose it, you go to the polar opposite, you reach another wrong thing — because only wrong can be the polar opposite of another wrong, not right.
Life is simply an experience.

Your birth is only the beginning.

You are not born ready-made.

You are born with all dimensions open.

That's the beauty and dignity of man.