Relax……Let go…. WATCH……. OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Relax......Let go.... WATCH.......

Let go of the body, of the mind;
leave them and just be a watcher.
The body is not you,
the mind is not you,
you are only a pure witness.
This is your buddhahood.
Rejoice in it.
Get soaked and drenched in the blessing
that spontaneously showers
at the center of your being.
This center of your being has to become
your circumference also.
Slowly, slowly
you have to bring the buddha out
in your actions, in your words,
in your silences.
Day in, day out, the buddha has to become
just your heartbeat.
This immensely beautiful evening
has become even more beautiful,
with ten thousand buddhas just watching.
The eternity of existence,
like the wild geese,
is always here.
You have never been anywhere else.
You have always been here and now.
Remember it.
When you come back,
bring that remembrance with you.
It has to become your very life,
your very character.