The fifth chakra is VISUDDHI ….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The fifth chakra is VISUDDHI ....

The fifth chakra is VISUDDHI. It is the chakra of prayer — the throat chakra: the chakra of prayer, chanting, communication with God. At the fifth chakra, the inner and the outer meet. Remember, at the fourth, the lower and the higher meet. At the fifth, the inner and the outer meet. "God" simply means the whole existence that is outside you, and "you" the existence that is inside you: I-thou is the form of prayer. That's what Martin Buber says.

I-it is the experience of the world; I-thou is the experience of prayer and God and love.
At the throat chakra, VISUDDHI — the word `visuddhi' means `the pure, the purest' — at the fifth, love has become purest. It is simply an ecstasy, a joy. The inner and the outer meet. When the devotee bows down before his deity, the inner is bowing down towards the outer.

When somebody goes and sings a song to the sun or to the moon, the inner is singing a song to the outer. And remember, you have witnessed only one thing: you have witnessed the devotee singing a song to the deity. You have not seen another thing, because that is very subtle: the deity singing a song to the devotee — that too happens, but that is very subtle. That you will come to know only when you have experienced prayer.

Sometimes you pray to God, and sometimes God prays to you. Let me say it, because ordinarily it is not said, because it looks sacrilegious to say that God prays to you — but it happens. Just as the mother goes on singing a lullaby to the child… yes, God also sings a lullaby. But you have to earn it. When your prayer has been heard, when you have really poured your heart, you have forgotten yourself completely, then suddenly prayer is no more and expression on your part. You start listening… God starts praying. The inner and the outer meet.