The sixth chakra, the third-eye chakra, AJNA chakra….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The sixth chakra, the third-eye chakra, AJNA chakra....

And then there is the sixth chakra, the chakra of meditation — the third-eye chakra, AJNA chakra. Left and right meet, reason and intuition meet, masculine and feminine meet, yin and yang meet. Now, something has to be understood. At the third, man and woman met on a physical plane, outside. At the sixth, again the masculine and the feminine meet, but no more on the outside — in the inside.

The third is the center of sex, and the sixth is the center of tantra. Inside, you are both. Half of your being is feminine and half your being is masculine. And at your third eye, there happens a meeting. This third eye is very symbolic — that means your left and right eyes dissolve into one eye: that becomes the third eye. Right now you have two eyes, two beings. Then you will have one eye.

There is a saying of Jesus of tremendous import. Listen to it, meditate over it. Says Jesus: "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." He is talking about the third eye: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
One eye is connected with the left hemisphere, the other is connected with the right hemisphere. They both are a division in your being — you are not yet a symphony.

Your left and right are asymmetrical. Have you looked at your face? Your face halves, the right and the left, are not symmetrical. Look into the mirror again, watch carefully: your left face is different from your right face. Your innermost mind is divided into right and left hemispheres, and they function differently. The left hemisphere reasons, and the right hemisphere intuits. Poetry is born out of the right hemisphere, and logic is born out of the left hemisphere. If a poet's left hemisphere is removed, he will not lose anything; he will not even become aware of it. If a mathematician's left hemisphere is removed, he will be completely gone; he will not know what to do. His whole expertise will disappear.

Imagination is from the right, reasoning is from the left. The right hemisphere is feminine and the left hemisphere is masculine, and these two are bridged by a very small bridge, just linked. At the sixth center — AJNA chakra, the third-eye center — these two hemispheres meet and become one. Then your reason is not against your intuition, and then your imagination is not against your logic. Then your logic and your imagination both come together.

Look: whatsoever I am saying I am always talking logically, but whatsoever I am saying is always illogical. The content is illogical, the container is very logical. If I want to argue with you, I can argue — there is no problem about it. But what I am saying to you is something beyond argument. If your faith is against logic, then you have not come to the inner unity yet. Your faith should be beyond logic, but not against logic. Remember this distinction. Your faith should be beyond logic; supported by logic, but not finished by logic — something going beyond and far away. But it can be supported by logic; up to a certain point, logic can go with it. It can be very rational, it can be very reasonable. There is no need for faith to be against logic. If the faith IS against logic then you are still divided, then that one eye has not happened yet.

The greatest mystics of the world were always the greatest logicians too. Shankara, Nagarjuna — great logicians and yet illogical. They will go as far as possible with logic, and then suddenly they take a quantum leap… and they say, "Up to this point, logic helps — beyond this, logic has no go." If you want to argue with Shankara, you will be defeated in argument.

Shankara traveled all over this country — a great mystic, and he defeated thousands of scholars. His whole life work was this, to go and defeat people — and still he was very illogical. In the morning you would find him arguing so logically that the greatest logicians would look childish. and in the evening you would find him praying and dancing in the temple and crying and weeping like a child. Unbelievable.

He has written one of the most beautiful prayers, and somebody asked, "How can you write such beautiful prayers? You are such a logician — how can you be so emotional that you cry and weep and tears fall down?" He said, "My intuition is not against my logic, my intuition is beyond my logic. My logic has some function to fulfill: I go with it, I go with it whole-heartedly — but then there comes a moment when it cannot go beyond… and I have to go beyond too."

Remember, this is the greatest unity. And when this happens at the sixth — that your feminine and masculine, your inner yin and yang, have met — you become one. This oneness has one step more. You have become one inside YOU.