Seventh chakra is SAHASRAR….OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

Seventh chakra is SAHASRAR....

Now the seventh chakra is SAHASRAR. This is the chakra of samadhi — ultimate ecstasy, total orgasm. Now, part and whole meet, the soul and God meet, you and all meet… you disappear into total orgasm.

You may not have thought of it in this way, but let me tell you: all these seven chakras are seven ways of orgasm. There is a subtle orgasm when you feel satisfied with food — a deep contentment. There is a subtle orgasm when you dominate: politicians look very happy and healthy — while they are succeeding. When they are in power, they look very radiant. Their energy seems to be overflowing; they look inexhaustible — never tired, rushing from one place to another, doing one thing and a thousand things — never tired, very radiant. Hitler had that magnetic force, that charisma. From where comes this radiance? — it is power orgasm.

Have you watched it sometimes? When a politician stands, and millions of people surround him and look at him, there is a subtle orgasm happening. He feels very happy: so many people giving attention to him, so much vitality overflowing towards him, so much vibration flowing towards him, meets his vibe and there is a great orgasm. He becomes radiant. He explodes. When a politician is losing, is proving a failure, then all his radiance disappears, all his charisma disappears. When you see a politician in failure — for example, if you go and see Richard Nixon now — you will be simply surprised how this man who was so powerful has become so powerless.

All charisma has disappeared. Poor Nixon…. And the same man was so powerful — what has happened? The energy that was flowing towards him flows no more. The orgasm is no longer happening. He has lost his beloved: the beloved was the crowd, he was making a love affair with the crowd — that is lost. Politicians, when they have failed, look very empty; when they are successful, look so full.

On these seven planes, seven types of orgasm happen. And what I mean by orgasm is the experience of oneness. The ultimate happens at SAHASRAR — the seventh chakra — when the individual ego is completely dissolved into the cosmic whole. That is the total orgasm, the goal, the source.

Christians have made the cross their symbol. As I look at the cross, I think Christians have missed its real meaning. To me, the cross is not a symbol of death, but the arithmetical symbol of plus. And I see it in that way, and then it has a totally different significance — the arithmetical symbol of plus. Because Jesus joined together with the whole in that moment on the cross: Jesus became plus. Jesus disappeared in God. Jesus no more existed: only one.

I told you about the legend that he would not learn the second letter — beta — because he said, "First I have to understand alpha — one." No teacher could teach him. He had to be withdrawn out of the school. But he learned the meaning of alpha on the cross. Only God can teach that: for that only God can be the master. What happened on the cross? The cross means plus; before the cross, Jesus lived a life of minus — as everybody lives. Let me tell it in this way: the ego is a minus, because it exists not. The ego is that which is not, it is a minus thing. God is plus: God is that which is. On the cross, the plus of God met Jesus' minus. The minus dissolved into the plus, Jesus became Christ. Jesus himself became one: now he is no more two or many, he has become the alpha. This is the source and this is the goal. The source is the goal, because the beginning is the end. The alpha is the omega.

The atomic scientists say that each atom has a plus and minus charge. If we take the plus and minus charge apart, there is an explosion — that's what atomic explosion is. Each small atom, invisible atom, has two energies: positive and negative, minus and plus. They are together: joined together in deep orgasm, in deep intercourse — the minus with the plus, the positive with the negative. If you pull them apart, if you divorce them, there is a great explosion of energy. That's what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki — a small atom pulled apart can become so destructive.

The same happens at SAHASRAR, from the other side. The minus is joined with the plus: not pulled apart, put together; not divorced, but marriage happens. This marriage is the union, the yoga. Ordinarily we exist as a minus; God is the plus energy, ego is the minus energy. The day you decide to drop your minus into the plus, there will be a marriage. That marriage happens at SAHASRAR — the seventh chakra.

These chakras are just allegories, mm? — just to give you a map so you can understand how, from food to God, the search is one. The search is to find the one. We are lost in the many, we are lost in a crowd, we are split; and the whole search is how to find one, how to become indivisible, how to become individual. And remember this Christian symbol of the cross, not as a death symbol but as a meeting — yoga symbol, marriage symbol: plus.