The mask…OSHO

Sannyas has to be a real break away. A loving surrender to the new....

The mask...


I have not insulted, not criticized a single ordinary human being.


I have certainly criticized people who are pretenders, who are not showing their original face, but are covering it with a mask of superiority. Somebody has to pull their mask.


It is not insulting, it is not disrespectful.


In fact, they also will be grateful one day that somebody pulled their mask and revealed their original face, because only your original face can grow.


The mask cannot grow; the mask is dead. And your original face is almost forgotten. You have not only deceived others, you have deceived yourself too.


The most neglected thing in the world is your original being, and that's why there is so much fear.


The original being has no fear.


The problem is that our original being remains retarded, and our physical body goes on growing old and we go on pretending things which we are not.?